49th ECCE General Meeting: ECCE
22-23 May 2009, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Общото събрание започна с гласуване за одобряване на нови организации-членки на ECCE: БЪЛГАРИЯ: След кратко представяне, СЪЮЗ НА СТРОИТЕЛНИТЕ ИНЖЕНЕРИ В БЪЛГАРИЯ бе приета с пълно единодушие. Дейността на инж. Димитър Начев в полза на инженерната общност в България вече беше позната на повечето членки на организацията.
Voting of the General Assembly on the Approval of New ECCE Member Organizations: BULGARIA: UNION OF CIVIL ENGINEERS IN BULGARIA
ECCE Activities October 2008 until May 2009
Дейности на ECCE от октомври 2008 г. до май 2009 г.

Отчета за дейностите започна с организирания от КИИП София, Международен дискусионен форум „Конкуренция на инженери в Европа“ (София, 27 ноември 2008 г.); (Присъстваха Василис Economopoulos)

• KIIP International Discussion Forum “Competition of Engineers in Europe”
(Sofia, November 27, 2008); (attended by Vassilis Economopoulos)
• 138th Annual Civil Engineering of ASCE (Pittsburgh, November 2008); (attended by Helena Soimakallio)
• WCCE General Assembly and ExCo Meeting (Brasilia, November 2008); (attended by Gulay Ozdemir)
• Proclamation of ECCE President as Honorary Member of Association of Civil
Engineers of Cyprus (Cyprus, December 2008); (attended by Vassilis Economopoulos)
• ECCE Executive Board Meeting (Brussels, December 2008)
• Meeting of ECCE Executive Board with representatives of DG Internal Market
and Services (Brussels, December 2008)
• Meeting of ECCE Executive Board with Head of EU-Liaison Office of BAK, BIngK,
BAIK and ECEC (Brussels, December 2008)
• Establishment of Common ECCE – ECEC Working Group on Small Business Act
(Brussels, December 2008); (attended by Gábor Szõllõssy)
• 1st Meeting of Common ECCE – ECEC Working Group on Small Business Act(Vienna, January 2009) (attended by Vassilis Economopoulos, Gábor Szõllõssy)
• ECCE and ECEC Presidents met with representatives of DG Enterprise (Brussels, February 2009); (attended by Vassilis Economopoulos, Mirko Orešković)
• Meeting of the Presidents of ECCE, ECEC, EFCA, FEANI, SEFI (Brussels, February 2009); (attended by Vassilis Economopoulos)
• Series of ECCREDI meetings (attended by Georges Pilot)
• European Construction Forum Meetings (attended by Karlheinz Zachmann)
• Development of a Construction Information Platform (CrIP) meeting (Brussels, May 2009) (attended by Georges Pilot)
• ExBo Teleconferences (about once a month)
• Teleconferences with SC Chairmen and ExBo Rapporteurs
• Various activites of Standing Committees

Scheduled ECCE Activities from June 2009 until October 2009
Планирани дейности на ECCE от юни 2009 г. до октомври 2009 г.

• WCCE – ECCE – TCCE Symposium „Earthquake and Tsunami“
(June 2009, Istanbul)
• WCCE ExCo Meeting
(June 2009, Istanbul)
• Meeting of ECCE and ECEC Presidents and Secretaries General
(Athens, July 2009);
• Preparation of EuroInfra Symposium and the 50th ECCE General Meeting and (Summer 2009)
• Printing ECCE Book „Civil Engineering Heritage“
(before 50th ECCE Meeting)

Introduction to ECCE Standing Committees and Task Forces

SC Education & Training
Chairman: Iacint Manoliu, ExBo Rapporteur: Jiri Plicka
• SC Environment & Sustainability
Chairman: Marc Bonazountas, Session Leader: Umut Turker (SC Vice-Chairman)
ExBo Rapporteur: Helena Soimakalio
• TF Civil Engineering Heritage
Chairman & ExBo Rapporteur: Gorazd Humar
• SC Professional Recognition & Mobility
Chairman & ExBo Rapporteur: Fernando Branco
• SC Knowledge & Technology
Chairman: Asko Sarja, ExBo Rapporteur: Richard Coackley
• SC Development & Business Environment
Chairman: Karlheinz Zachmann, Session Leader: Aris Chatzidakis (SC Vice-Chairman), ExBo Rapporteur: Murt Coleman


Theme of the 49th ECCE General Assembly Meeting:

Presentations from our members:

Ексурзия с консумация на словенски бут с вино до Шкочанските пещери


Official Dinner for Participants and Accompanying Persons 
hosted by Slovenian Chamber of Engineers
Hotel Lev, Room Karantanija

Next ECCE Meeting

50th ECCE Meeting 16 – 17 October 2009
Helsinki, Finland
Theme of the Meeting: 
Current State and Challenges for Sustainable Development of the European Infrastructure: 
• State and Condition Management of Infrastructure
• Low Energy Building Concepts