50th ECCE General Meeting 
16-17 October 2009, Helsinki, Finland


ECCE Activities    May 2009 – September 2009
Дейности на ECCE   май 2009 – септември 2009 г.

• Implementation and completion of the great ECCE project “Civil Engineering Heritage in Europe” (CEHE) Book
• Attracting New ECCE Associate Members
International Seminar “EU Financial Tools & the Engineers Related Activities” (Sofia, June 19, 2009), organized by Union of Civil Engineers of Bulgaria (attended by Vassilis Economopoulos and Marc Bonazountas)
• International TCCE-WCCE-ECCE Conference “Earthquake and Tsunami” (June 22-24, 2009, Istanbul) (attended by Richard Coackley)
• Strong cooperation between ECCE and ECEC:
       – Common (ECEC-ECCE) Working Group on Small Business Act (SBA)
matters produced a broad and perfect work, leading in the intervention in the
EU with a common Position Paper.
       – ECCE and ECEC are planning a new common initiative on the critical matter 
“Code of Quality” (В двете работни групи, Закона за малките предприятия (SBA) и „Кодекс за качество“ активно участие взеха инж. Димитър Начев и инж. Мария Стефанова като членове на работна група в ЕСЕС )
• Common meeting of TCG-ECCE-ECEC Presidents and General Secretaries, (July 4, 2009, Athens), initiated by Technical Chamber of Greece – Discussion on organizing Engineering Days in Brussels in 2010
• Cooperation between ECCE and WCCE – Discussing common subjects of cooperation and activities
• Participation in two EU funded projects :
      – EUGENE (EUropean and Global ENgineering Education ) Thematic
Network  2009-2012
      – DECELO-EQF (Development of Civil Engineering Learning Outcomes EQF for  the European Qualifications Framework) Project
• Series of ECCREDI meetings (attended by Georges Pilot)
• Construction Information Platform (CrIP) Meeting (Brussels, May 4, 2009); (attended by Georges Pilot)
• Symposium “Public Action: Remedy for Crises” (Paris, June 23, 2009), organized by ENPC (Ecole Nationale Ponts et Chaussees); (attended by Georges Pilot)
• Information Day Public-Private Partnership Initiatives for Energy Efficiency Building organized by the EU Commission (Brussels, July 13, 2009); (attended by Georges Pilot)
• International Seminar Earthquake Engineering (Sofia, October 9-10, 2009), organized by Union of Civil Engineers of Bulgaria (ECCE as coorganizator)
• European Construction Forum Meetings (attended by Karlheinz Zachmann and Murt Coleman)
• Development of a Construction Information Platform (CrIP) meeting (Brussels, May 2009) (attended by Georges Pilot)
• ExBo Teleconferences (about once a month)
• Teleconferences with SC Chairmen and ExBo Rapporteurs
• Various activites of Standing Committees
• International Conference on the “Current State and Challenges for Sustainable Development of Infrastructure” (Helsinki, October 15-16, 2009)

Feedback from ECCE Standing Committee Session

• SC Development & Business Environment
Chairman: Karlheinz Zachmann, Session Leader: Aris Chatzidakis (SC Vice-Chairman) ExBo Rapporteur: Murt Coleman
• SC Education & Training
Chairman: Iacint Manoliu, ExBo Rapporteur: Jiri Plicka
• SC Environment & Sustainability
Chairman: Marc Bonazountas, ExBo Rapporteur: Helena Soimakalio
• SC Knowledge & Technology
Chairman: Asko Sarja, ExBo Rapporteur: Richard Coackley
• TF Civil Engineering Heritage
Chairman & ExBo Rapporteur: Gorazd Humar
• SC Professional Recognition & Mobility
Chairman & ExBo Rapporteur: Fernando Branco

Next ECCE Meeting

51st ECCE Meeting 25th ECCE Anniversary 21 – 22 May 2009, London, United Kingdom
Theme of the Meeting:
The Civil Engineer’s Role in Influencing National Government and the EU

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