53rd ECCE General Meeting 
6th-7th May 2011, Valletta, Malta
ECCE Activities October 2011 until May 2011
Дейности на ECCE от октомври 2011 г. до май 2011 г.

ECCE President participated in the ECF Meeting “Building Prosperity for the Future of Europe” on 17th November 2010, in Brussels. He attended together with Mr. Karlheinz Zachmann this meeting organized by ECF (European Construction Forum) where the Manifesto for Action from the ECF was presented by MEP Fiona Hall.  The document (ECF Manifesto) was already distributed to all ECCE Members in Zaragoza. After the Manifesto presentation the ECF Presidents meeting took place.

10th Engineer’s Day in Ljubljana The Slovenian Chamber of Engineers (IZS) organized a meeting on 18th November 2010 where the latest achievements in the civil construction sector in Slovenia were presented. A Round Table about the actual situation in this sector followed where the ECCE President presented to all participants the ECF Manifesto – Building Prosperity for the Future of Europe.

ECEC General Assembly in Ljubljana, Slovenia The ECCE President was invited to attend the ECEC Meeting on 20th November 2010 which took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He made a short address to the GA presenting the ECCE’s work in the last few years and he also presented shortly the ECF Manifesto.  Immediate Past President was invited by the CICCP Delegate Jose Francisco Saez Rubio to participate through Skype in the ICE – CICCP Bilateral event (Madrid 29/11/2010). He made a presentation on the subject of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in Civil Engineering Profession.

ECCE Immediate Past President represented ECCE in the 3rd General Assembly of the EUCEET Association on 3rd December 2010, in Barcelona and presented the subject “The role of Engineering Professional Organizations in Training and CPD”.

(TCG) organized an One Day International Workshop on the subject “Framework for acting as a Professional Engineer – Remuneration Fee Scales/Code – Quality Assurance and Certification” that was held on 8th December 2010, in Athens.
ECCE Immediate Past President made an analytical presentation regarding the profession of Civil Engineering and the Remuneration Fee Scales. In this important international event the opening speech was given by Jose Medem. Emilio Colon and Dimitar Natchev also made presentations regarding the cases of Engineers’ Fee Scales in USA and in Bulgaria respectively. The following also participated in this event: Ministers of the Greek Government, Professors specialized on European Law, high level representatives of the Court, expert Engineers and Lawyers from various countries like Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, USA, Spain, Bulgaria and Greece presenting valuable material stressing the strong relationship between the remunerations/fees and quality in the Engineers’ Profession.

The Italian Engineer Minister and Ex MEP (for two duties in a row) Stefano Zappala sent an opening message.

Some of the above mentioned presentations will be included in the CD that will be disseminated in the 53rd ECCE GA of the SC Professional Recognition and Mobility) following up the very important meeting on the Evaluation of the Professional Qualifications Directive in October in Brussels, which he attended as ECCE representative, he prepared a letter with ECCE’s positions related to the main issues of the Evaluation of the Professional Qualifications Directive that was sent to the Head of Unit of Professional Qualifications of the European Commission.

He conducted an Inquiry regarding the EU Professional card and other subjects related to Professional Recognition. ECCE was asked to participate in the above Inquiry as part of the Consultation Process by DG Internal Market and Services on the Professional Qualifications Directive. Prof. Fernando Branco joined together the answers from various ECCE Member Organizations and produced a document that was sent to Brussels.

He also participated as ECCE representative in a study evaluating the Professional Qualifications Directive (2005/36/EC) against recent educational reforms in EU Member States. This study was carried out by GHK Consulting Ltd on behalf of the European Commission Directorate- General for Internal Market and Services. Past President participated (as representative of the Technical Chamber of Greece – FEANI Membership) in the official Public Hearing regarding the Evaluation of the Professional Qualifications Directive (2005/36/EC). He informed the Executive Board during their 2nd teleconference held on 24th March 2011. The official Public Hearing was held on 21st February 2011, in Brussels organized by the DG Markt. The European Commission, the European Parliament, high level experts from many countries and representatives of many Professional Organizations participated in this meeting.

All the valuable material and the processes followed by the EU Commission / DG Markt concerning the Evaluation of the Professional Qualifications Directive (2005/36/EC) can be found at the following link: No

Prof Iacint Manoliu ( Chairman of the SC Education and Training) focused on the current projects EUCEET (European Civil Engineering Education & Training) -Dissemination Project (2010-2011) and on the EUGENE Project “European and Global Engineering Education”. He was also following the developments in European projects and networks of relevance for Civil engineering education and profession in Europe. Finally, he is organizing the EUCEET Association Conference “New trends and challenges in civil engineering education” that will take place on 24th – 25th November 2011, in Patras, Greece.

Prof Tugrul Tankut has been working on the preparation of the 2nd Joint Conference (ECCEWCCE-TCCE) on “ of the SC Development and Business Environment) after our Zaragoza Meeting participated in the ECF Meeting “Building Prosperity for the Future of Europe” on 17th November 2010, in Brussels, together with the ECCE President, where the Manifesto for Action from the ECF was presented. He continued his important contribution participating in two more ECF meetings. The first one was held on 22nd November 2010 and the second one on 3rd March 2011, in Brussels. In both meetings important issues regarding the construction sector were discussed and all the useful feedback was communicated to ECCE by Karlheinz Zachmann.

Karlheinz Zachmann also participated in the Conference for launching the new multilingual sustainable construction glossary “Let’s speak Sustainable Construction!” that was held on 11th April 2011, at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). This was a conference co-organized by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), the Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) and the European Concrete Platform (ECP). Chairman of the SC Knowledge and Technology) continued the valuable work of that important and active Committee on the following:

– Preparation of a draft Position Paper on “Energy Efficient Buildings. Building Concepts and Implementation into Praxis in EU”

– Project Proposal: ECCE Society: BuildLife – Zero Energy Buildings 2020. (Implementation of the Directive 2010/31/EU on the Energy Performance of Buildings)

– Preparation, on behalf of ECCE, of a reply to the Questionnaire for the Green Paper „From Challenges to Opportunities: Towards a Common Strategic Framework for EU Research and Innovation Funding”, as part of the Consultation Process. The reply to the Questionnaire will be sent to the Commission.

George Pilot continued his valuable work and the representation of ECCE in ECCREDI, ECTP, CrIP. He also contributed to our discussion for the ECCE New Strategic Plan. Over this period, he has been providing to us full information and material by his participation to the above bodies which has been disseminated to all by our ECCE Secretary. (Chairman of the SC Environment & Sustainability) participated in the “Water’s Day” that was organized by the Water Board of Nicosia on 22nd March 2011, where he made a presentation on Water Supply Safety & Security—International practice.

On the event of the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the ECCE, each ECCE Member Organization received as a symbolic offer 25 “Civil Engineering Heritage in Europe” Books, whereas each ECCE Associate Member received 10 of them.

The ECCE Secretary, Maria Karanasiou, has already commenced updating the official ECCE website www.ecceengineers.eu after resolving a serious problem that had affected its operation for a while.   Was invited by the European Group Of Surveyors (EGOS) that was held on 11th – 12th March 2011 in Thessaloniki, Greece and he presented the subject “Framework of Acting as a Professional Engineer – International Experience – Fee Scales / Remunerations”.

The Union of Civil Engineers in Bulgaria undertook the initiative for a joint participation in a Leonardo Da Vinci Partnerships Project (PsP), with partners ECCE member organizations. The project proposal is “Best Practice in professional training for Civil Engineers – exchange of local expertise” and the partners are the following: Union of Civil Engineers in Bulgaria; Instituto Superior Tecnico – Lisboa, Portugal; Institution of Engineers of Ireland; Slovenian Chamber of Engineers; Technical Chamber of Cyprus; Civil Engineer – Academy Hessen.

The kick-off meeting of the Steering Committee of the event 1st European Engineers’ Day was held on Thursday 10th February 2011, in Vienna. The Steering Committee of the event consists of: Josef Robl (ECEC President), Gorazd Humar (ECCE President), Vassilis Economopoulos (ECCE Immediate Past President), Efstathios Tsegkos (ECEC General Secretary), Fernando Branco (ECCE Vice President/President Elect), Cornelia Hammerschlag (ECEC). 

ECCE President and ECCE Immediate Past President participated in the Vienna meeting preparation and organization of this important event.



Thursday, 8th December 2011 
The Stanhope Hotel, Rue du Commerce 9, Brussels


The European Council of Civil Engineers (ECCE) and the European Council of Engineering Chambers (ECEC) co-organise the 1st European Engineers’ Day on Thursday 8th  December 2011, in Brussels.

The scope of the event is to demonstrate the critical role and the contribution of the Chartered Engineers to the society, serving the public interest and building life quality and a sustainable environment. Chartered Engineers providing high quality services design and construct the built environment and the necessary infrastructure for improving the life quality of the European Citizens.

The Engineers act as professionals within a framework of high morale and ethical standards seeking the sustainable development. In this event the focus will be on the two following topics:

–Role of Chartered Engineers in Europe (engineering value for society and living conditions, professional structure, professional mobility)

–Engineering Quality and Public Procurement In the 1st European Engineers’ Day the following are invited to participate: Commissioners, MEPs, high-level staff of the EU DGs, National representations in the EU, high-level staff of National Ministries, representations from International and National Engineering Organizations, etc.


53-то Общо събрание на ECCE в Малта беше в съчетание с Международния  Конференция „Устойчиво развитие: строителство и околна среда“, съвместно с Kamra-tal-Periti и ECCE.

Key Presentations by SCs’ Chairmen:
SC Development & Business Environment (Karlheinz Zachmann): ECF Manifesto, Action Plan for the Construction Sector.
SC Education & Training (Prof. Iacint Manoliu): EUCEET I+II+III, EUCEET Diss
Project, EUCEET Association Conference in Patras (November 2011), EUGENE Project, ENAEE, EUR-ACE Label. 
SC Knowledge and Technology (Prof. Asko Sarja): ECCE Position Paper “Europe towards nearly Zero Energy Buildings in 2020”, ECCE Project Proposal ECCE Society: “BUILDLIFE – Zero Energy Buildings 2020”, SC’s Business Plan for 2012.
SC Professional Recognition & Mobility (Prof. Fernando Branco): Overview of the ECCE work from  2008 on Professional Recognition (Civil Engineering Charter, Professional Recognition Recommendation, Professional Recognition Procedures), Information on the Evaluation and Reviewing of the EU Directive 2005/36 on Professional Recognition & Qualifications.
– SC Environment & Sustainability (Prof. Marc Bonazountas): Presentation on the topic “Towards a Green Economy – Civil Engineers and ECCE’s mission”

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Presentations of the 53rd ECCE General Meeting

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