57th ECCE General Meeting
30 May – 1 June 2013, Lisbon, Portugal

57-ото общо събрание на ECCE беше проведено съвместно с конференцията “Промени в строителството”, организирана от ECCE и Ordem dos Engenheiros. Конференцията ще се проведе в петък, 31 май 2013 г., от 14:30 до 19:00 часа, в двореца ” Ordem dos Engenheiros Palace”.

Below you can find useful informational material about the Meeting and Conference:

Material of the 57th ECCE General Meeting


by Fernando Branco, ECCE President
Lisbon, May 2013

56th ECCE General Meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia hosted by the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers was organized with great success.

56th ECCE General Meeting in Dubrovnik – NEW MEMBERS
     – Serbian Chamber of Engineers accepted as ECCE Full Member.
     – Company Tektas Engineering Ltd. accepted as ECCE Associate Member.

56th ECCE General Meeting in Dubrovnik – STANDING COMMITTEES
     – Mr. Vassilis Economopoulos accepted as Chair of new Standing Committee (SC) on Associate Membership.
     – Mr. Carsten Ahrens accepted as Chair of SC on Environment & Sustainability.
     – The SC on Professional Recognition & Mobility terminated 


European Council of Engineers Chambers (ECEC) General Assembly,  November 2012, Vienna, ECCE Immediate Past President, Mr. Gorazd Humar, attended the ECEC General Assembly as a guest of the ECEC

2nd Engineers Day which is going to be co-organized with ECEC  Mr. Vassilis Economopoulos, Chairman of the ECCE Standing Committee on Associate Membership attended also the ECEC GA

International Expo Conference CONTRACTOR 2012, November 2012, Bucharest. ECCE President, Prof. Fernando Branco delivered a presentation on  “Internationalization and Mobility in Civil Engineering”.

20th Annual General Assembly of the Cyprus Association of Civil Engineers
December 2012, Nicosia. ECCE President was invited to participate in the 20th Annual General Assembly of the Cyprus Association of Civil Engineers. Prof. Fernando Branco delivered the presentation “The three I s of construction: Investment, innovation and internationalization”.

ECCE Newsletter December 2012
     – A new initiative of ECCE, the issuing of periodic Newsletters.
     – The ECCE Newsletter is prepared every two-three months.
     – The goal is to bring together periodically the European Civil Engineers and to be aware of their problems and their realizations, organizing a forum of ideas and of news.
     – The Newsletter may also act as a mean to send ideas for discussion in Brussels,
       Get involved with ECCE Newsletter !

EU strategy for the sustainable competitiveness of the construction sector and its enterprises High Level Tripartite Forum January 2013, Brussels
     – ECCE invited for the High Level Tripartite Forum
     – ECCE President selected for the Thematic Group 1

“Stimulating Investment in Building Renovation, Infrastructure and Innovation

4th Civil Engineering Ibero-American Conference and Council of the Ibero-American Chambers, March 2013, Porto. ECCE President, Prof. Fernando Branco participated in the Congress and in the Council where an agreement was achieved to: “ promote the profession of Civil Engineering and to develop the exchange of professionals and students, among these countries in Europe, America and Africa”
11th International Conference “Modern Building Materials, Structures and
Techniques”, May 2013, Vilnius, Lithuania
The Conference was organized by: Vilnius Gediminas technical university (VGTU)
Lithuanian National Group of IABSE, Association of European Civil Engineering Faculties (AECEF), European Council of Civil Engineers (ECCE).
ECCE President Elect Mr. Wlodzimierz Szymczak participated representing ECCE and making a welcome address during the opening of the Conference.

CLAIU – EU Conference – The Bologna Process and the Engineering Education
April 2013, Bologna, Italy
The CLAIU-EU Conference 2013 focused on the achievements of the Bologna process since its first declaration in 1999. The conference was  organised in collaboration with CNI, Bologna University Alma Mater Studiorum and the Library dell Archiginnasio from Bologna.
ECCE Immediate Past President, Mr. Gorazd Humar, was invited to participate on behalf of ECCE. During the opening he welcomed the conference on behalf of ECCE
Prof. Massimo Mariani, ECCE ExBo Member and CNI Counselor, and Prof. Iacint Manoliu, Chairman of SC on Education & Training, participated also in the Conference delivering presentations.

Stimulating industrial innovation in the construction sector through smart use of ICT: connecting SMEs in the digital value chains DG Enterprise and Industry launched demonstration action on “Stimulating industrial innovation in the construction sector through smart use of ICT “. The contract was awarded to a consortium led by Capgemini Consulting, with Arcadis, Alliantis, the Research Centre of the Athens
University of Economics and Business/Transportation Systems and
Logistics Laboratory (AUEB-RC/TRANSLOG), StÙ-K, Bycon Associates
and Public Cinema. The project team set up an expert group with representatives from relevant branch organizations in the construction sector. ECCE has been invited to participate in this expert group and will be represented by ECCE President.

CEMBUREAU event “The Cement Sector: a Strategic Contributor to Europe’s Future” 6 March 2013, Brussels
ECCE was invited to participate in this debate focusing on the competitiveness of the cement industry in Europe. The Boston Consulting Group presented the results of a study on this topic.
Keynote speaker: Daniel Calleja Crespo, Director General, DG
Enterprise and Industry, European Commission
ECCE was represented in this event by the Chairman of the SC on
Development  & Business Environment, Mr. Karlheinz Zachmann.

подписани споразумени

Agreement of Cooperation between ASCE and ECCE
Renewal of the Agreement of Cooperation (AOC) between The
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the European
Council of Civil Engineers (ECCE)
The Agreement was signed by  ASCE President, Gregori DiLoreto, ASCE Executive Director, Patrick Natale, ECCE President Fernando Branco, Vice President/ President  Elect Wlodzimierz Szymczak.

Agreement of Cooperation between KSCE and ECCE
The Korean Society of Civil Engineers (KSCE) proposed an Agreement of Cooperation (AOC) with ECCE aiming at the advancement of civil engineering profession. The signing of such AOC will be implemented in Lisbon. The Agreement will be signed by the KSCE President, Prof. Jongsung Shim, KSCE President Elect, Prof. Myung-Pil Shim and ECCE President and ECCE Vice President/ President Elect.

Agreement of Cooperation between JSCE and ECCE
The Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) and ECCE will renew their Agreement of Cooperation (AOC) to facilitate the enhancement of the efforts of each organization to better serve the public and the engineering profession.
The signing of such AOC will be implemented in Lisbon.
The Agreement will be signed by JSCE President, Dr. Takehiko ONO, JSCE Executive Director, Dr. Hirofumi OHNISHI and ECCE President and ECCE Vice President/ President Elect.


Standing Committee on Knowledge & Technology
Chairman: Prof. Asko Sarja, Vice Chairman: Ruben Paul Borg
Initiatives on Sustainable Construction, Zero Energy Buildings, Life Cycle Engineering – Application for EU projects – Horizon 2020 and networking – including educational institutions. The Future of the Civil Engineering profession – a 5 year perspective. A first stage survey for Civil Engineers. A detailed survey for engineers addressing the major developments in the civil engineering profession including supply chains, innovation, skills and education. Developing the Business Plan of the SC for the years 2013-2014.

Standing Committee on Environment & Sustainability
Chairman: Prof Carsten Ahrens
List of responsible persons for E&E in all our national member
associations List of universities/faculties/responsible persons connected
with education and training on E&S Discussion of EU initiative to “making drinking water a market option“
Discussion of non-revenue water, especially in dry countries like Cyprus
Participation as observer in the common EU-project CiTiNZEB

Standing Committee on Education & Training
Chairman: Prof. Iacint Manoliu
“Study on the impact of the Bologna process on civil engineering education and profession in Europe”, to be completed in October 2013. Two questionnaires were prepared for the Phase I of the Study: “Bologna process and the academic world”.
15 ECCE members answered to the survey on the education system and 17 ECCE members answered the survey conducted among academics. 
The report on the Phase I of the Study in Lisbon. The Chairman of the SC, Prof. Iacint Manoliu, attended the CLAIU-EU Conference: “The Bologna Process and the Engineering Education” and presented a contribution in which actions taken by ECCE in relations to the Bologna process were underlined.
The SC supports the organization on 14th-15th October in Moscow of the Second Conference of the EUCEET Association with the theme “Civil engineering education: are we meeting the needs of the society and industry?” to be hosted by the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering.

Standing Committee on Development & Business Environment
Chairman: Mr. Karlheinz Zachmann, Vice Chairman: Mr. Aris Chatzidakis
Since 1/7 Lithuania has taken over EU-Presidency. Up to the EU-elections. Greece follows. Activities and initiatives of the EC are dangerously hampered, due to the severe budgetary cuttings by the EU-Council.
ECF continues to meet. A small group has worked out a onepage revision of the MANIFESTO (showing also the logos of all the ECF participants. ECF will plan an event with the EP. FIEC took contact with EPM BÖTIKHOFER. This event may occur just after summer.
Construction out of the crisis: EC installed 3 High Level Fora for elaborating relevant guidelines. 4 Task Forces are actually active

Standing Committee on Associate Membership
Chairman: Mr. Vassilis Economopoulos,ECCE Past President
Establishment of the ECCE SC on Associate Membership – Approval
by the ECCE GA – Dubrovnik October 2012. Contacts for incorporating new Associate Members within ECCE (Companies, Universities, Organizations, Associations, etc.) – many outstanding discussions that will be finalized after Lisbon Meeting. Contacts with current ECCE Associate Members for refreshing/ updating the communications and for fulfilling their financial obligations. EUCEET (European Civil Engineering Education and Training) Association will be introduced as New ECCE Associate Member in Lisbon GA. Consideration and recording of the eligible target groups to attract New ECCE Associate Members.Consideration and preparation of topics of interest for ECCE Associate Members for discussion, communication and work. At the Lisbon Meeting, the internal structure/ organization of the New SC, the topics of interest and the serious efforts to attract New Associate Members will be promoted forward.

Task Force
Civil Engineering Heritage
Chairman: Mr. Gorazd Humar, ECCE Immediate Past President
During the last GAM in Dubrovnik some elements of the new ECCE book project on Footbridges were evidenced and established. The Editorial Board was completed with some new members.
All the elements of the new book project were defined, especially the content of the book and the quality of photographs.
During last six months several ECCE members worked on the project intensively but not all. At the moment about 40% of ECCE members work on the project which is not sufficient to complete the project within the scheduled deadline. The deadline to prepare the files for each country was consequently extended to end of September 2013. The deadline for presentation of the book is spring 2014.

Photos from the 57th ECCE General Meeting and ECCE/OE Conference:

Conference “Changes in Civil Engineering”

The Conference will be held on Friday 31st May 2013, 14:30 – 19:00, at the Ordem dos Engenheiros Palace.


Материал на конференцията ECCE / OE “Промени в строителното инженерство”





Photos from the:

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