Книги за Строителни инженери, които можете да свалите (Pdf)


The second edition of the Civil Engineering Handbook has been revised and updated to provide a comprehensive reference work and resource book covering the broad spectrum of civil engineering. This book has been written with the practicing civil engineer in mind. The ideal reader will be a BS- or MSclevel engineer with a need for a single reference source to use to keep abreast of new techniques and practices as well as to review standard practices.
The Handbook stresses professional applications, placing great emphasis on ready-to-use materials. It contains many formulas and tables that give immediate solutions to common questions and problems arising from practical work. It also contains a brief description of the essential elements of each subject, thus enabling the reader to understand the fundamental background of these results and to think beyond them. Traditional as well as new and innovative practices are covered.

Steel Designers’ Manual – 6th Edition (2003)
At the instigation of the Iron and Steel Federation, the late Bernard Godfrey began  work in 1952 on the first edition of the Steel Designers’ Manual. As principal author he worked on the manuscript almost continuously for a period of two years. On many Friday evenings he would meet with his co-authors, Charles Gray, Lewis Kent and W.E. Mitchell to review progress and resolve outstanding technical problems. A remarkable book emerged. Within approximately 900 pages it was possible for the steel designer to find everything necessary to carry out the detailed design of most conventional steelwork.

Engineering Book: 200 Questions and Answers on Practical Civil Engineering Works (Author: Vincent T. H. CHU) 
This book contains many useful questions that civil engineers may come across during their day-to-day work. The author established a free civil email service in which all engineers could send their civil engineering queries – askvincentchu@yahoo.com.hk and he will provide the answers shortly. Vincent Chu is currently writing the book “200 Questions and Answers on Practical Civil Engineering Works Part II” and he sincerely invites the submission of civil engineering questions to email to askvincentchu @yahoo.com.hk to facilitate the completion of the book. For those questions selected by Vincent Chu to be published in his new book, a free copy of the book shall be delivered to the author of those questions.
Published: 01.02.2009

ECCE book: Civil Engineering Profession in Europe 2005
A review of the profession in Europe today from education to professional practice
Published: 31.10.2005

Professional Recognition of Civil Engineers
ECCE Professional Recognition Recomendation
Published: 20.07.2009


Ask Vincent Chu
Common FAQ on Practical Civil Engineering Works
Published: 22.10.2009

Civil Engineering Practical Notes A-Z
Second Edition
Published: 21.10.2009

 A Closer Look at Prevailing Civil Engineering Practice – What, Why and How
by Vincent T. H. CHU
Published: 16.03.2010

Първо издание

© Автори: проф. д-р инж. Илия Иванов Иванчев
гл. ас. д-р инж. Евелина Иванова Иванова

Подготовката на строителни инженери и техници включва изучаването на
различни учебни предмети (теоретични и профилиращи), за които са издадени книги, учебници и учебни помагала. Авторите са си поставили задачата, в предлаганата книга накратко да бъдат изложени основните въпроси свързани с проектирането и изпълнението на сградите и съоръженията.
Книгата може да бъде ползвана при подготовката по учебния предмет „Въведение в строителството”, изучаван от чуждестранни студенти, подготвящи се за следване в български висши училища. Предлагания материал може да послужи на студенти по строителни специалности и ученици в професионални гимназии по строителство и архитектура.

 The Underlying Reasons of Practical Civil Engineering Works
by Vincent T. H. CHU
Published: 24.11.2009 

Introductory Note for Open Discussion by ECCE President Vassilis P. Economopoulos
Published: 01.10.2009 

ECCE book “Footbridges – Small is beautiful”
by the ECCE Task Force on Civil Engineering Heritage, Editor -in-chief Gorazd Humar
Published: 01.10.2014

 ECCE book “Civil Engineering Heritage in Europe”
by the ECCE Task Force on Civil Engineering Heritage, Editor-in-chief Gorazd Humar
Published: 01.08.2009

30 Years of ECCE History 1985-2016
by Yrjo Matikainen, contributing authors Fernando Branco and Vassilis Economopoulos
Published: 13.10.2016